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These disasters happen due to the bad waste management, fast fashion, and overuse of the natural resources

 That's why we created AGARUW

AGARUW is a brand and an online marketplace where we transform waste into eco-friendly fashion and decor alternatives while working with artisans and designers to sell their handmade products on our platform  

OUR MISSION is to reduce solid waste like plastic, wood, and fabric by recycling and up-cycling and transforming it into fashion and decor products. That way, we can impact the bad waste management and give the customers new eco-friendly alternatives!

We aim to empower artisans and designers by giving them the capacity to sell their creations that are handmade and eco-friendly on our platform because together we do more. We ensure that they have the proper exposure, training, and regular income while engaging them in protecting the environment!

We will have a positive social and environmental impact by combining the useful with the pleasant 

and making waste circular!

We are introducing the new sustainable alternatives 

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