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Craft Shop

Marketplace Features

Jewelry Store
Seller stores and dashboards

Every new seller gets their own store, profile and
dashboard on the platform .

Green Price Tag

Product listing and inventory management


Sellers can publish their own products to start selling in minutes 

Removal Trolley
Inventory management for sellers

We make it easy for sellers to list their products
for sale on the platform

Add to Cart
Order management

Buyers can purchase from multiple sellers at once,
every seller has their own order control panel to
process customer orders

Yellow 3D Dollar Sign
Get paid seamlessly

Every seller will be paid directly to their bank account.
The safest way to split payments through a recognized payment

Delivery Van

Sellers handle shipping and logistics


The platform allows the sellers to specify their shipping rules
and we will handle the deliveries to buyers. The buyer selects the preferred shipping method for each vendor at checkout - no hassle.

Phone Icon
Private messaging system

Customer satisfaction is important, so the platform aims to keep
all communication between the buyer and the seller within the

Customer Service Icon - Grey
Help Centre

A detailed help centre and community forum to help you, talk to other vendors and grow together.


Grey Percent Icon
Commission fees

fee per product is 15% when you sell a product

Grey Dollar Coin
Selling and processing fees

+5% commission fee and Bank processing fees to be paid when you sell a product.

Secure Icon - Grey
 Deposite your bank account

You will be paid for your sales through automatic deposits. Make sure you have a Bank account or a postal account. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the marketplace?

Simply sign up and open a shop. You can choose between a basic or a pro shop. You will be directed to the seller's panel where you will be able to set up your store.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. You will be able to do that on your vendor shop dashboard.

How does it work?

You are responsible for your shop. This means you have to make yourself familiar with your seller panel that has all the features ready for you to use. Starting with, uploading your products, making sure your images are clear as well as your product information (Size, color, and material). You also determine your prices and shipping rates.

How do I get paid?

We use banks transfer as our main payment method. We process automatic deposits end of every month or sale completion. Please note that we do not save any bank details on our website. All we need is your bank account, e-mail address to be entered in your information section. 

What can I sell?

We accept all eco-friendly and sustainable: Fashion & shoes, Jewelry & Accessories - Kids & Toys - Vintage & Preowned - Home & Gifts -

Is anyone allowed to be part of the marketplace?

This platform was created for Artisan, Artist, and designer who is interested in selling and being part of a seller’s community. However, we have to give final approval for every seller and product listing to make sure we are abiding by the guidelines of AGARUW Marketplace. This includes seller vetting process, quality of images, product sustainability, and authentication (for preowned products).

What about shipping our orders? How does it work?

You will receive an order notification. It is the seller's responsibility to ship the order on time stated on the shipping duration on your product page. Making sure you update the shipping status on the platform and including a tracking number for your buyer to sell. All this information is on the order page.

Do I need a trade license?

No, you don’t need one from our end. For personal accounts, an ID, bank details, and address are required.

How can I learn more about setting up my shop?

Our help center(found on your vendor dashboard) offers all the information you need, videos, and step by step instruction to assist you with your shop. You can always submit a ticket, talk to other vendors on the community page as well.

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